Workshop: Justice in Discourse, April 4-5, 2013

Working Conference at the Lichtenberg Kolleg, University of Göttingen, April 4–5, 2013
Co-sponsored by the DFG Research Unit on Cultural Property

Organized by Charles Briggs, Stefan Groth, and Regina Bendix.

“Justice” is a complex concept deeply entwined with the moral foundations of society. As a normative concept, justice is clothed in an absolute aura. And yet the deeply contextualized and hence continually negotiated nature of justice cannot be hidden. In focusing on language, this working conference seeks to shed light on this normative concept, looking at the negotiation of justice in specific contexts and media.

Different disciplines and schools of analysis have contributed to this question, ranging from linguistic anthropology to critical discourse analysis in disciplines such as political science, sociology as well as, more broadly speaking, media studies. We will use a broad working concept of discourse: the use of spoken and written language and multimodal forms of communication, as well as those more aligned with Foucauldian notions of discourse. This leaves room for different theoretical approaches to the concept.

Our working conference seeks to take stock of prior work and identify gaps, not least through the presentation of case studies. Negotiations on the international level and questions of health and social justice constitute the main thematic foci of the working conference. On the case level, we hope to see how “justice is in motion” depending on the communicativ

The prelimary program is available here. If you wish to participate in the workshop, we kindly ask you to register with Caren Bergs until March 25.

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