New Challenges for the International Law on Culture

Project Director: Prof. Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll (International Law)
Researcher: Dr. iur. Sven Mißling

Project Abstract

Due to its own development the International Law of Culture has to face new challenges. These can be accessed with a question: whom are claims or rights to culture (Cultural Property) entrusted to and which functions are hereby fulfilled? The International Law of Culture assumed a model of a nationally sovereign disposal of culture, but has included increasingly more dimensions in the last three decades. To those belong co-operative forms of international communitization (“World Heritage”) on a transnational level and new addressees, namely indigenous groups and individuals, as well as the economical dimension of culture. The claims and expectations justified hereby are to be observed in detail. This part requires urgent clarification and distinction. The jointly with the sub-project suggested systematizing overall view shall accomplish this. The latter’s standards are drawn from the factual connection and they shall be normatively consolidated. Without anticipating the research the following aspects come into account as such standards: (1) the enrichment and conservation of culture, (2) its usage, and (3) the question of equity.

Project Presentations and Publications
  • Sven Mißling: „Who Cares for Culture? – The States’responsibility for cultural diversity as a resource and the promotion of cultural diversity as a means of sustainable development”, Vortrag zur UNESCO-Konvention zur kulturellen Vielfalt von 2005 beim 4. International Osnabrück Summer Institute Culture, Rights, Identity. Interfaces between the Humanities and the Law, Universität Osnabrück 6.-18. August 2012
  • Sven Mißling: “Society, Cultural Rights and States‘ Cultural Policies”, Vortrag beim internationalen Workshop „The International Law of Culture: Prospects and Challenges“ des Instituts für Völkerrecht, Abtlg. Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht und Umweltrecht, und der interdisziplinären Forschergruppe „Cultural Property“, Göttingen, 23.- 25. Mai 2012
  • Peter-Tobias Stoll: Culture and Politics in the UN. Workshop on “The International Law of Culture: Prospects and Challenges”, Göttingen, 23.-25. Mai 2012
  • Sven Mißling: „Kulturforschung aus der Perspektive des Völkerrechts“, Vortrag bei der 10. Arbeitskonsultation der Bundesweiten Koalition „Kulturelle Vielfalt“ der Deutschen UNESCO-Kommission, Hildesheim, 10. Mai 2012.
  • Sven Mißling: “The Interdependence of Sovereign Rights on Cultural Property and Statehood”, Working Conference at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, Heritage Regimes and the State: Nomination, Implementation, Regulation, June 17-19, 2011, Göttingen.