Forthcoming Publication: Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration. A Guide for the Academy

Forthcoming Publication:

Regina F. Bendix, Kilian Bizer, Dorothy Noyes (Eds.): Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration. A Guide for the Academy. University of Illinois Press, forthcoming Spring 2017.

At once a slogan and a vision for future scholarship, interdisciplinarity promises to break through barriers to address today’s complex challenges. Yet even high-stakes projects often falter, undone by poor communication, strong feelings, bureaucratic frameworks, and contradictory incentives. This new book shows newcomers and veteran researchers how to craft associations that will lead to rich mutual learning under inevitably tricky conditions.
Strikingly candid and always grounded, the authors draw a wealth of profound, practical lessons from an in-depth case study of a multiyear funded project on cultural property. Examining the social dynamics of collaboration, they show readers how to anticipate sources of conflict, nurture trust, and jump-start thinking across disciplines. Researchers and institutions alike will learn to plan for each phase of a project life cycle, capturing insights and shepherding involvement along the way.