Museum International Special Issue on “Shared Heritage, Shared Futures”

The current issue of Museum International (245/246), edited by Elizabeth Chilton & Neil Silberman and titled “Shared Heritage, Shared Futures” focuses on the interrelation between issues of cultural heritage, conflict and consensus. The TOC can be found here, the editorial here. From the introduction by Chilton/Silberman:

This special issue of MUSEUM International offers a glimpse of the provocative and stimulating discussions that took place in November 2009 at an international workshop entitled ‘Heritage Conflict and Consensus’. The workshop highlighted the work of scholars and heritage professionals connected with projects in the European Union; the United States; Israel, Palestine and Jordan; India and Southeast Asia; South Africa and Mauritius; and African American and Native American communities of Canada and the United States − all scenes of sometimes bitter conflicts over the right to possess and interpret archaeological and human remains.

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